Portraiture & Fine Art Oil and Coloured Pencil

David Sandell

Tribute to Northampton Saints Lock

As Triad sponsors Northampton Saints Rugby Club, it seemed an appropriate link when a mutual friend suggested a Saints player as a model for a future oil painting project of mine. The mutual friend was The Chaplain to the Saints, Jez Safford; the player was Saints Lock, Christian Day. The arrangement suggested to Christian, was that if I painted his portrait within his testimonial year, he would be prepared to model for some future painting projects based around historical themes. He agreed, so following a series of meetings and pencil studies the painting was developed over a three month period, with the final piece presented to Christian in early March at Franklin Gardens. Triad would like to wish Christian Day all the best for the remainder of his testimonial year at Saints and my personal thanks for his cooperation. It’s always great fun working with a good face; I think Christian was pleased with the result.

“Life in professional sports is never dull; there are ups and downs, drawbacks and perks of the job. But ultimately we are paid to play a game, and are undoubtedly lucky to get the opportunity to do so. 17 years as a professional sportsman has presented many opportunities that I would otherwise not have dreamed to have had the chance to experience. This work of art from David is one such opportunity. The skill and craftsmanship in the piece is truly breathtaking. A level of detail has been applied beyond my comprehension. I am truly grateful to David for the hours of work that he has put into this piece and the chance for me again to experience something that would otherwise have been beyond my reach. My Testimonial Year has been made all the greater as a result of this effort.” 

 Thanks again, Christian.