Portraiture & Fine Art Oil and Coloured Pencil

David Sandell

Not Mr Grumpy!

I recently asked a work colleague if he would allow me to take some photographs of him to work up some pencil studies; although I didn’t mention it at the time my real intention was to present him with a finished drawing by way of a thank you. Over the last few years he helped me to check artwork files for a national drawing society magazine I was putting together; Shaun assisted as always, without any fuss. I have known Shaun, our Mac studio manager, for almost 25 years; in this pencil portrait, entitled ‘Glass Half Full’, I wanted to reflect the fact that, despite first impressions, Shaun is in fact an optimist. Over many years, I witnessed how he dealt with significant professional and personal challenges. This is simply a gesture of gratitude for your technical support and your loyalty to the company over the years.

Thanks Shaun.