Portraiture & Fine Art Oil and Coloured Pencil

David Sandell

The passing of Summer and Nelson

I was sorry to read that Nelson Shanks, American painter has passed away recently at the age of 77. I am lucky enough to have seen a few of his works in a private collection near where I work. He was renowned for his portraits of political leaders and prominent figures, such as Princess Diana and Pope John Paul II. I also have a leaflet from his studio showing examples of how he dealt with hands in his portraits. He was arguably one of the best living portrait painters up until his death. He was also a strong advocate of painting from life, however I doubt whether that was always possible; for example I can't see that the Pope would have held that pose for many days of sittings. Nevertheless, Shanks was a painter I always look to for inspiration.

Now that Summer is almost over I intend getting back to painting, having just competed a couple of pencil commissions. I have also had a request to contribute some work for a new book on coloured pencil.

I am also delighted to have a piece chosen for the next volume of "Strokes of Genius Vol 8"