Portraiture & Fine Art Oil and Coloured Pencil

David Sandell

Artist of the Year 2014 shortlist – Good for Morale

I was pleased to receive some interesting news in October; an oil painting 'Gary Twelve Songs’ has been shortlisted for 2014 Artist of the Year, by the Artists and Illustrators magazine. (Home page) Obviously I am just pleased to be shortlisted from 3000 entries; the exhibition is to be held at the Mall Galleries in January, so that will be a good night out whoever wins; just happy to be there. I also have two further pieces featured in Creative Quarterly design magazine and drawings in two new books, 'Strokes of Genius 7’, published in 2015, for the second time and 'Colour Pencil Treasures III', also for the second time. Its feels good to be consistent and all these little steps are good for morale.

On easel - I have a rather odd self portrait in progress, developed from a recent pencil study, not sure how this will end up, which is worrying. Also in progress is a more traditional large portrait of a well respected landscape artist who I've know for years. In a sketch book I’ve scamped out dozens of ideas which would require three lifetimes to realise, how frustrating! Ah well, mustn’t grumble. As they say, no point worrying about anything in life, nobody gets out of this alive.

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