Portraiture & Fine Art Oil and Coloured Pencil

David Sandell

Tribute to Artist - John Luce Lockett

It was with sadness that I heard about the passing of Northampton artist John Luce Lockett; I exchanged emails with John about 6 months ago and although he didn't elaborate, he hinted that he was not in good health. We often ranted and discussed the state of British Art. John was what some would call a proper artist, painting for a living and sharing his enthusiasm. I read somewhere that John did Jack Vettriano style six years before Vettriano; I can see the similarity in style. John had a great depth of technical knowledge of artists materials and human anatomy. I attended his life classes on and off for years to keep my hand in and I often recommended his classes to developing artists and designers. My greatest regret was not painting his portrait, an idea I had discussed with him a few years ago. He would have made a superb subject; long curly hair and that cheerful 'lived-a-life' face. I will always recall his sense of humour and gentle manner. If he showed any pride at all it was probably reserved for his son Billy, a talented musician. Thanks for all your advise and God Bless John. I know a lot of people will miss you.